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You Can Now Live DJ Mix With SoundStage VR

You Can Now Live DJ Mix With SoundStage VR

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Music has become a hot topic in the VR community and with the launch of SoundStage, VR users will be able to produce and even DJ live through the immersive platform.

With Soundstage, you’ll be able to transform a room into a studio where you can interact with virtual instruments and VSTs to record and share your music. DJ’s have the capacity to experiment and create in a way never created before.

This VR music making platform allows you to sync and put together sounds through light webs that merge instruments together. Whether you’re a fan of the Blues, Jazz, EDM, Hip Hop, and/or Country, you’ll have the tools to make the sounds you’re looking for.

Soundstage VR also creates a fun and bright atmosphere to work in. Users of SoundStage VR will perceive music like never before. You’ll also have the enjoyment to entertain yourself or your fans with live streaming. You can finally have a way to mix live as a DJ with this fun virtual reality studio.

Here’s a video of Youtuber, JoshDub, showing off his virtual reality DJ mixing skills.

For the music lovers out there, this will be a perfect game to check out available through the Steam store.

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