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What VR And AR Things To Look For In 2017

What VR And AR Things To Look For In 2017

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2016, what an eventful year full of excitement, sadness, innovation, and curiosity. Now that the year has fully passed we can look forward to what 2017 will bring us. In the VR and AR world, these are the things to keep an eye out for.


Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s rival in the gaming world, Sony PlayStation, has released their very own VR headset for the gaming console which has been an astronomical hit. Millions of fans and gamers purchased the headsets for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. And to rebuttal PlayStation’s release, Microsoft Xbox will be debuting their own version this year with their Project Scorpio gaming console. This new system will feature specs such as 4K gaming, virtual reality, and a powerful GPU for HD rendering. And this may not be the only cool things about the upcoming gaming console. Microsoft might even integrate API’s to where the Project Scorpio becomes compatible with the HoloLens, their very own AR solution.


Nintendo Switch VR Compatibility

As we’ve previously unveiled, Nintendo has filed patents for their upcoming gaming console which shows that it’ll be getting some sort of VR headset mount. The Switch has been getting a lot of attention for its robust features where the gaming system can be taken on the go. It looks like a mix between a tablet and a docking station with intuitive controllers. We’ll see how the documented headsets play a factor for the new gaming system in 2017.


Wireless HTC Vive Headsets

We’re all familiar with the HTC Vive and its long tethered cord. But in 2017, TPCAST and other startups look to change the game by releasing a special mount that allows you to become untethered from the cords. This allows virtual freedom and realistic roaming capabilities that were yet to be available on the HTC Vive. With this new gadget, look forward to more VR games and experiences that create a more immersive feel in the virtual world.



Many have been waiting in anticipation for a AAA VR game. Well this year in 2017 those wishes will be coming true. Robo Recall by Epic Games will be the first true test in the VR market. This game has been given a budget similar to titles such as Gears of War. This title is anticipated to make it’s debut through the Oculus Rift sometime in 2017.



VR & FUN has been the leading digital media company when it comes to VR and AR technology. In 2017, the team will be ramping up its presence with exclusive events, interviews, and videos that are sure to bring the latest and greatest coverage with a hint of fun.

Happy New Years to everyone and we hope to make things a little more exciting in 2017!

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