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What Is The Soulja VR 3D Headset?

What Is The Soulja VR 3D Headset?

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Soulja Boy who is a well-known rapper for his famous hit songs such as “Crank that” has recently hit the news for becoming an entrepreneur. He has been selling many various items over the last year launching his own brand of merchandise.

This includes his gaming console which was essentially a white-labeled product from a manufacturer in China.

And to expand his line of products Soulja Boy is even selling HMDs called the Soulja VR 3D headset. Right from the first glance you can see that they are the VR Shinecon smartphone headsets. It literally says it right across the front of the headset.

This is a mobile phone run device that requires a compatible smartphone to operate. It does not work with a base station, controllers, or many other peripheral devices that other HMDs are compatible with. Simply, it’s a basic mobile headset that might be an upgrade from the Google Cardboard.

vr shinecon hmd 1

Additionally, the headset is listed for $49.99 on his website compared to $12.99 on places such as Amazon, which is directly listed by VR Shinecon.

Essentially, Soulja Boy is running a dropshipping Shopify account which many entreprenuers are doing today in the ecommerce industry. So if you were wanting a specialized VR headset by Soulja Boy himself, you are sorry out of luck.

There are many better headsets available on the market so make sure to check out the great options such as the Oculus Go or the Google Daydream View that comes equipped with a controller.

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