Home Recap Weekend Roundup 2-04-2018: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

Weekend Roundup 2-04-2018: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

Weekend Roundup 2-04-2018: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

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There was a lot of stories that definitely made the headlines this week. Interestingly, a lot of it had to do with VR games and the associated companies. Check out the top stories from the last 7 days.

Top stories from the last 7 days

SJ AND FUN Podcast: Episode 005 – Dell Alienware

dell alienware at sundance podcast

Dell is an American computer technology company that’s been a part of the tech industry for a long time now. With their innovative mindset and their love for all things technology, Dell has been able to break through the barriers to release a VR headset of their own called the Dell Visor. Here is their thought on the future of VR and the technology.

Rumor: Microsoft Looking To Acquire EA, Valve, And PUBG

microsoft acquires

Is Microsoft really looking to acquire the mega-giants in the gaming industry, EA and Valve? Well, according to sources at Polygon who have close ties to Microsoft, that might in-fact be true.

Microsoft is known to gobble up giant tech and gaming companies. If you look at their portfolio, they currently own IPs such as Minecraft (acquired for $2.5 billion), Skype (acquired for $8.5 billion), and LinkedIn (acquired for $26.2 billion). On top of that, they own Xbox. So, would it be too farfetched to think that Microsoft can acquire other billion dollar companies such as EA and Valve?

Google Announces Completion Of $1.1 Billion Deal With HTC For Their Smartphone Division

google and htc

We reported a couple months back that Google and HTC were making a $1.1 billion dollar deal where Google would acquire HTC’s smartphone division to join their Pixel team. Now the deal seems to be complete as Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Hardware at Google made a public post about the deal.

First Look: Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

oculus go unboxed first look

Oculus Go seems to be making its way to developers as they are posting photos of their standalone VR headset devices. In the picture above, you can see the Oculus Go outside the box with the controller. Here’s what we know.

EA To Bring Back Micro-transactions In Star Wars: Battlefront II After Slow Sales

star wars battlefront ii

During an earnings call led by Blake Jorgensen, CFO at EA, he announced that Star Wars: Battlefront II underperformed to their expectations for the game. They were modeling a sales result of 10 million units sold in the launch quarter but under-delivered by only selling 9 million copies of the game. The sales number is heavily down from 14 million copies sold during its launch of Star Wars: Battlefront in 2015.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Coming On October 26th 2018

red dead redemption 2 screenshot

Rockstar Games has finally announced their sequel title, Red Dead Redemption 2, will be releasing on October 26th, 2018. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Red Dead Redemption is a game that takes you into the wild wild west where you play the game as a former outlaw looking for a new life in America.


Crypto And Bitcoin Miners Are Driving Up VR Entry Prices

gtx 1080 price decrease

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin were some the biggest sensations in 2017. We saw normal people become millionaires overnight due to the crazy growth and demand of crytocurrency. And with the explosion of cryptocurrency came the overhaul of crypto-miners that started to buy out all the GPUs on the market. Due to the demand for GPUs, the entry cost into PC based VR systems is now a lot higher.


Kenichiro Yoshida Replacing Kazuo Hirai As New Sony CEO

kenichiro yoshida new sony ceo

Sony has made a pretty big announcement today as Kazuo Hirai will be stepping down as CEO and will join as a board member. Current Executive Deputy President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kenichiro Yoshida will be replacing Hirai as the new CEO of Sony.

Bethesda Has Sold Over 100,000 copies of Fallout 4 VR

favorite menu settings on fallout 4 vr

Bethesda is a well-known game publisher that has created some wonderful games in the past. They have created original game franchises and have made a mark in the gaming industry. And for the first time ever, Bethesda released their high profile titles such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim in VR which got them some big attention in the community.


The Forest Will Finally Be Getting A VR Game Mode

the forest vr release

End Games Ltd., creators of The Forest have announced that they’ll be releasing the game in VR.

The Forest is a horror survival game that pits you in the middle of a forest after a crash land. You are the lone survivor from the crash and must do everything in your power to stay alive. But as you start to explore, you find cannibal mutants that wants to eat you alive. Your mission is to build, explore, and survive this terrifying situation.



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