Home VR News Weekend Roundup 11-19-2017: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

Weekend Roundup 11-19-2017: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

Weekend Roundup 11-19-2017: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

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This week has been full of twists, turns, and drama in the world of VR. Many stories have made the headlines including HTC showcasing their first standalone headset called the Vive Focus. Let’s look at some of the stop stories from this week in case you missed it.

Release of PayDay 2 VR Beta

The long awaited PayDay 2 VR beta has finally managed to release on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Users are now able to rob and go on heists with your fellow VR users and PC gamers alike.

While the game has been originally released with teleportation movement, there’s been a release for a smooth locomotion mod that allows players to roam around freely in the virtual world. Make sure to check it out!

From Other Suns makes its debut on Oculus Rift

From Other Suns has made its debut this week on the Oculus Rift which allows players to use their Touch controllers to experience an exciting adventure in outer space.

From Other Suns is a co-op VR space adventure game that’ll take you to the edges of the universe. The story revolves around a crew of people who recently tested an experimental folding drive to travel beyond the fringes of explored space. The plan was to return safely for a big payout, and retire on small colony to never be heard from again.

But things don’t go as planned. On the return trip, something followed you back. Something ancient. Now it’s a race to make it back to Earth before the ancient alien threat wipes out everything in its way – including you.

You’ll find danger at every jump on this side of the galaxy with ruthless pirates, lethal robots, and deadly aliens that stand in your way. You and your friends will tour the sector upgrading your ship, stockpiling weapons, and fighting for your lives.

HTC Vive Focus arises

The time for standalone VR headsets is almost among us. HTC has recently introduced their newest tetherless device called the Vive Focus during their annual Vive Developer Conference (VDC) in Beijing, China.

The device will be powered by Vive Wave and will have access to Viveport. Vive Focus delivers inside-out 6 degrees of freedom (6D0F). The Vive Focus will also feature an AMOLED screen which delivers a clear display. The HMD will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip.

Vive Trackers are now available for pre-order for consumers

HTC Vive Tracker Bundle

HTC Vive has announced that they’ll be launching a slate of Vive Tracker bundles and announced the consumer availability of the Vive Tracker for the first time. The motion tracker by the Vive team has been in the works for quite some time with developers creating VR experiences based around the product.

Each Vive Tracker will retail for $99.99 and can be used with various VR titles and accessories including Hyperkin’s Hyper Blaster, the Racket Sports Set and Rebuff Reality’s TrackStrap, which are now available for either pre-order or purchase.

Some of the playable games with Vive Tracker includes:

HTC Vive Studios announces 2 new VR games

front defense heroes

HTC Vive Studios has announced that there will be 2 new VR games coming to the HTC Vive in December. This includes Front Defense: Heroes, which is an updated game from the original version.

super puzzle galaxy

The second game is called Super Puzzle Galaxy where players manipulate the world’s terrain to solve physics-based puzzles. By pushing, pulling, and manipulating sand and other objects, players vie to create the fastest pathways and unlock new ball abilities.

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