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Watch Live: Pokemon GO Festival


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The first annual Pokemon GO Festival is underway in Chicago today where thousands of trainers from around the world has gathered. Today, Pokemon players all around the world will unite for a chance to unlock the first legendary event where everyone will have a chance to catch the first rare Pokemon.

It hasn’t quite been announced to which Legendary Pokemon will be popping up but Niantic has guaranteed it will be something special as long as the trainers manage to catch enough Pokemon during the Fest Challenge Windows.

The first Legendary Pokémon will be revealed in Grant Park today. If the Trainers in Chicago succeed in defeating the Legendary Pokémon, that Pokémon will start appearing in Raid Battles around the world, after Pokémon GO Fest.

Make sure to tune-in to the header livestream and see if you have a chance today to catch the Legendary Pokemon.

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