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Watch Conan O’Brien Cruise Down The Autobahn In 360 VR


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Currently, Conan O’brien is on a tour over in Germany, the home of luxury imports and fast cars. And while on a short tour, Conan got a chance to meet up with members of the BMW team to cruise down the Autobahn in their newest sports car called the i8.

For those unfamiliar, the Autobahn is a stretch of highway in Europe where sections of roads don’t have speed limits. People are allowed to drive as fast as they want legally. And so with this amazing opportunity on hand, Conan seized the moment and decided to record himself going down a stretch of autobahn at ridiculously high speeds without the worry of being pulled over.

The clip is quite short in length but the 360 video unveils an immersive experience with Conan, the driver, and the new car. In the video, you can see how they set up a camera rig in the front car to record Conan on his adventure for the main show. You can experience the video multiple times in different angles to gain a new perspective on the hilarious situation that Conan creates. You’ll have the option of viewing the video in VR with the help of Google Cardboard and Google Daydream VR.

Below is the longer version of the skit.

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