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Watch As These Korean Gamers Play As Hanzo And Genji On HTC Vive

Watch As These Korean Gamers Play As Hanzo And Genji On HTC Vive

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Overwatch is rapidly becoming one of the most popular games today that draws in thousands of gamers on a daily basis. Blizzard has created its own eSports tournament around the game and have developed a loyal fan base with its unique and creative characters. And due to the popularity, many developers, enthusiasts, and fans have been exploring entertaining ways to play the game. Recently, with the draw of VR, gamers have developed a platform where they can play the game in the virtual space.

We’ve seen how Korean high schoolers have developed a rig to play Overwatch in VR. They’ve put together some peripheral devices along with a Gear VR headset to track their movement in the virtual space. It was quite clever and refreshing to see the level of interest from the younger generation. And due to the popularity, other Korean gamers have been following their stead in entering the VR space with Overwatch.

In the video above you can see how this particular individual is using his HTC Vive headset to play Overwatch in VR. He chooses a DPS character named Hanzo to play in this experimental setting. What’s quite interesting about this is that he uses unconventional controllers to move around in the VR space. He wields a gun shaped controller in one hand and what appears to be a mouse in the other.

The player states in the video that it’s really difficult to sit down while playing the game because it causes nausea and a tingling sensation. This is primarily due to the frame rate and Overwatch not being optimized to play in a VR setting. But the Korean player seems to do pretty well considering he is playing against other gamers playing on a PC, which is often referred to as “PC Master Race.”

Similarily, another Korean YouTuber took on the challenge of playing Overwatch in VR settings. But instead of choosing Hanzo as his character, this YouTuber went with his brother, Genji.

One noticeable difference you’ll find is that this YouTuber isn’t using any unorthodox controllers. In fact, this YouTuber plays the game using an Xbox controller, which might make the play a little bit easier considering the game wasn’t designed for motion tracked devices.

Either way, we’re seeing many fans of Overwatch experimenting in VR settings, which is quite enjoyable to see. Who knows, maybe Blizzard will jump into the VR space and release a high quality AAA version of Overwatch VR.

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