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SDCC 2017: Official Trailer For Ready Player One

Warner Bros. has just released the official trailer to Ready Player One as San Diego Comic Con 2017. Adapted from Ernest Cline’s best selling book, Ready Player One, the movie will be taking you into the future where virtual reality becomes the real world for society. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One takes place in […]

Review: Front Defense VR By Vive Studios

Vive Studios has announced today the launch of Front Defense which takes you into the final days of WWII. You’ll be playing as a soldier who’s on the last line of defense. Your mission is to stop the enemy troops who are trying to occupy critical locations around Europe. Front Defense is an arcade-style shooter designed explicitly for Vive’s room-scale […]

Within Brings A Powerful Story To VR With Giant

Within has been releasing some of the most powerful VR content available today with stories that’s harpooned the hearts of many. 360 videos such as The Possible series have created ripples in the industry by reshaping how we present unique stories in an immersive environment. Today, Within looks to continue that lineage with the release of Giant, directed by Milica Zec. […]

VR Sports Shooter Gunball Releases On The HTC Vive

REDspace has recently announced the launch of Gunball, a VR sports and shooter hybrid experience for the HTC Vive. In this game you’ll be encompassed in a fictional world where you’re trying out for the “Gunball League,” a futuristic arena sports association. Gunball will be testing your virtual athletic abilities with a game that’s similar […]