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LiveSYNC 360 Demo Control App Launches Today

Today at NAB Las Vegas, Finwe Ltd., a 360 video presentation technologies company, announced that their new presentation tool LiveSYNC is now available for iOS and Android. LiveSYNC adds a whole new dimension to 360-degree VR presenting at trade shows, product launches, tours, education, training, and sales. V1.0 key features: – Real-time observing and controlling multiple […]

‘Detached’ Set to Launch May 18

“It was supposed to be a simple salvage operation… but in space… nothing is ever simple…” Can you survive on your own after being cast aside in a corrupt outer space mutiny? On May 18, Detached will be released on Steam and the Oculus Store, and you’ve been warned — this game is not for the faint of […]

Immersive Dance Piece ‘DUST’ Allows Users to Become Free-Floating Eternal Particles Traveling Through Space

Imagine a private dance performance where you are not required to sit in a fixed spot in the audience, can move about freely, and have the ability float at will — unbeknownst to, and unable to disturb the dancers. DUST, a new VR experience created by Prague-based digital artist duo Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský. Their unique […]

Sony PlayStation VR Rumored to Release ‘Mortal Blitz’ Tomorrow

“Blitz through your enemies” with Sony PlaySation VR’s new, next level ‘Mortal Blitz,’ a First-Person Shooter (FPS)/Action game. In this game, the player becomes ‘Yuhei’ ex- F.O.R.C.E. (governmental elite soldiers), and fights in the mission to thwart the evil plans of the Dominion’s Teratoma Destruction Plan. As a special agent trapped in the depths of […]