Home VR News This Might Be Snapchat’s New Video Recording Sunglasses Called Spectacles

This Might Be Snapchat’s New Video Recording Sunglasses Called Spectacles

This Might Be Snapchat’s New Video Recording Sunglasses Called Spectacles

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Snapchat is currently one of the hottest social media platforms on the market being valued in the billions. They’ve engineered a way where people can share short stories and clips of their lives and the cool things they come across. Currently, this video sharing app has over a 100 million active users watching 10 billion clips a day.


Recently, Business Insider received a video from Snapchat’s camp that depicts a pair of sunglasses that can record with a push of a button. However, they recanted the video and forced Business Insider to pull it from their site to hopefully keep it under wraps for a little while longer.

It’s been known for some time now that Snapchat’s been working on a hardware component for the company but this indicates that it might be close to launch. BI speculates that the name of the recording sunglasses could be called Spectacles and there’s some theories that might back this up.

The founder of SpectacleVR, Josh Farkas, reported that they’ve been given an offer to purchase the name of their company.


He also reported just 2 days ago that they’ve changed their Gear VR App name from Spectacle to Filter.

However, he has yet to announce by whom the name was purchased from or how much the name was bought for.

There’s also a recent thread by Zach Kahn that shows the changes Snapchat has made to their banner which now depicts eyes on the logo instead of a plain white ghost.

snapchat-banner-before after snapchat-banner-after

Furthermore, Snapchat is now competing against instagram which is owned by facebook. The photo sharing app has released a new feature that’s very similar to what Snapchat does in sharing short videos for a set amount of time. In order to battle this app giant, Snapchat might be debuting these sunglasses to further differentiate its platform from instagram.


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