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The New PanaCast 2

The New PanaCast 2

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Did you know that during the Intel Capital Global Summit which was held on October 24, 2016, in San Diego California, Altia Systems launched their new Panacast 3D VR Kit which is a virtual reality solution that is made for creators that make 3D video in Real Time? Quite impressive isn’t it? Well, this isn’t like any other program out on the market. The difference between this Panacast is that it delivers quality 180 degrees 3D content in a full 4k solution in real time. This has the ability to have a panoramic view that uses in-device to make it look like they are real and has a better quality compared to the previous version of it. This Panacast I think is the perfect tool to use if you wanted to get an outdoor panoramic shoot because it has better results and you can really capture videos that have a 3840 x 2160 pixels/ frame which makes the quality of it the best there is in the market. This is a perfect device to use when making a video for commercial and industrial use.


Another reason why it’s a must buy is that with this device you can replay and watch the outcome of what you have taken which makes it ideal to use for outside news reporting. Also, it’s very handy to bring anywhere you go. For sure your creative juices will keep one running and wanting to make more videos with this Panacast 3D VR Kit. Also what is really good about this kit is that it allows sharing of videos that is perfect for any video broadcast app such as Wirecast and also as what I have mentioned earlier, this can allow the user to be able to view what kind of video is taken with that device.


So I guess with the kind of product that Altia Systems has come up with and introduced to the market, people will be able to get the best quality videos depending on how it’s going to be used making it one of the most sought after video creating devices on the market. But I suggest that before you purchase this specific device, see to it that you have a product warranty because we never know if there’ll be future damages. Plus, this device is a bit expensive and we don’t want your money to go to waste.

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