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President Obama tries VR

President Obama tries VR

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President Obama has finally put his marks on virtual reality. For the first time today he tried on a VR wearable (Gestigon’s Carnival SDK with PMD’s 3D sensor). The company provided President Obama along with Chancellor Angela Merkel a chance to see and feel what immersive virtual reality technology is all about.


This technology helps recognize your hands and creates a three-dimensional outline of it. President Obama seemed pretty impressed with the VR gadgetry and we might even venture to say that he’s a fan of it since he already owns a virtual tech product (virtual driving range). The demonstration didn’t last too long but there were some laughs and enthusiasm to be had with the virtual reality products.


These particular wearables aren’t as fancy as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive but they do create a unique experience for customers. We hope to see President Obama on a virtual golf course some day.

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