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Face Your Fears In NYC Bungee

We all know NYC for the busy and tall city it is but have you ever wondered what it’s like to go bungee jumping there? Well, Blackwall Labs makes that possible in virtual reality with NYC Bungee. In the game you’ll be leaping sky high from the Statue of Liberty itself and there’s a few […]

Take A Leisurely Walk In Therapy Sheep VR

Bam! Boom! Pow! It seems like virtual reality has been focusing most of its energy on energized entertainment. From Beat Saber to Half-Life: Alyx, everything is go-go. But IFGworld looks to take a different approach with Therapy Sheep VR. In this virtual reality experience you will simply roam free through a mountainside meadow modeled after […]

Anime Is Coming To Bigscreen VR

Bigscreen has announced a partnership with Funimation to showcase some of their anime collection in virtual reality. Bigscreen has been a platform used by many VR users to access videos and movies on a gigantic screen in the virtual space. The company has raised lots of capital and partnered up with some Hollywood studios to […]