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New Lenovo VR Headset Will Cost Less Than $400

New Lenovo VR Headset Will Cost Less Than $400

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During the end of last year Microsoft has promised the release of VR headsets along with their partners. And today, pictures have surfaced of the new OEM product by Lenovo. This new headset features many of the latest technologies such as room-scale VR. It’ll also display the virtual world in 1,440 x 1,440 OLED screen.

Image Credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

In the picture, you can see that it has 2 cameras mounted on the frontside of the headset. This will ultimately allow users to merge the real and virtual world together to create something called the mixed reality. There isn’t any word on when this product will be available other than Lenovo saying later this year.

The VR industry is already saturated with manufacturers releasing their version of the ultimate VR headset. The current leaders in the industry are HTC with the Vive headset, Oculus with the Rift headset, Samsung with their mobile Gear VR headset, and PlayStation with their PS VR headset. There are a lot more manufacturers that have debut their VR headsets and we’ll be seeing Lenovo’s version soon in the near future. Also, look for Microsoft and its partners to debut a couple more VR headsets.

With such high competition in the market, who will be sitting at the top towards the end of the year?

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