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Learn To Create Pottery In VR

Have you ever created pottery in your life? Well, if you haven’t you might want to first take a stab at it through Infinite Dreams’ Let’s Create! Pottery VR experience. The studio describes the experience as a great way to  relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. It’s an impressive, therapeutic, and uplifting […]

Dreamscape Announces ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ VR Experience Called ‘Dragons Flight Academy’

Dreamscape, a location based immersive VR entertainment company has announced their partnership with DreamWorks to release a How to train your Dragon VR experience called Dragons Flight Academy. In DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, a class of up to eight rookie riders at a time is enlisted in the world’s first dragons flight academy led by famed […]

Oculus Offers Cyber Monday Deal On A Variety Of VR Games

Oculus has been steady with their offerings and sales of VR games. And while the Oculus Quest headset isn’t on sale, the games certainly are. Here are some of the packages and bundles that Oculus is offering for their Cyber Monday Sale: Rift Grand Essentials – $59.99 – The Climb– Onward– Defector– Job Simulator– Gorn– Seeking Dawn Quest Action Essentials – $89.99 – Superhot […]

Facebook Acquires Studio Behind Beat Saber

Facebook has announced that they have acquired Beat Games, creators of the hit VR title, Beat Sabers. “The shared experiences of games are profoundly memorable ones, and for millions of people, Beat Saber was their first encounter with immersive VR gaming,” said Facebook in their press release. “Today we’re announcing that Beat Games is joining us in […]