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VR Games That Are On Super Deep Discount Sale

VR Games That Are On Super Deep Discount Sale

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We always appreciate the effort that gaming studios and publishers put into new their new VR games. There has been a bunch of great titles over the years that people all over the world have enjoyed. And to celebrate some of these titles we’ve compiled a list of VR games that are currently on sale, which you can purchase today at a deep discount and sale (limited time).

VR games currently on sale:

Project Cars 2 (Original: $59.99) – Sale Price ($29.99)

Project Cars 2 features 180 different cars across 60 locations in 140+ dynamic living tracks. The game reflects the 9 disciplines of motorsport and 29 motorsport series in-game.

The vehicles featured in Project Cars 2 have been designed to exact standards providing users with accuracy in driving performance under various weather conditions. The cars have also been approved by each and every automaker which adds another bench mark to the game.

You’ll notice the handling and speed to be different in each car which brings to life the raw thrill of racing. The cars have been tested and approved by half-a-dozen world-class drivers and racers.

Eagle Flight (Original: $39.99) – Sale Price ($9.99)

Fifty years after humans vanished from the face of the Earth, wildlife and nature reclaimed its cities, leaving you with a breathtaking city playground in Paris. As an eagle, you soar past iconic landmarks from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral, and dive through narrow streets in order to fight opponents and protect your territory.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Original: $39.99) – Sale Price ($15.99)

Star Trek Bridge Crew puts you and your friends in the control room of U.S.S. Aegis. You’ll be appointed as an officer to take part of a critical initiative on behalf of the federation. Your mission will be to explore a largely uncharted sector of space known as the Trench. This is in hopes of locating a suitable ne whome for the decimated populance of Vulcan.

This uncharted territory contains many wonders and also a lot of danger. The Klingon Empire is active in the territory and won’t be afraid to take aggressive actions towards your fleet. Your mission in Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be to secure a peaceful Federation presence in The Trench territory.

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed (Original: $19.99) – Sale Price ($7.99)

A strange message left by your mischievous twin sister, Elsie, will draw you into a mysterious journey filled with bizarre characters, a sinister presence and awe inspiring adventure.

Along the way, you will be assisted by a helpful yet unhinged Professor who may harbor ulterior motives of his own. Your search for Elsie will lead you to a cosmic machine that wields incredible power and it will test your will against the forces of a shadowy figure who resides within it.

The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone (Original: $29.99) – Sale Price ($19.79)

After following your sister Elsie to the world of Ember, you discover the remnants of a destroyed civilization, torn apart by two siblings and their individual quests for power. Along the way you meet a mountainous ally who, like you, is looking for their other half. Using the Gauntlet, a mysterious new power capable of manipulating energy, you must unravel the history of this forgotten place, and reveal the true intentions of the dark figure who sent you here.

Continue your epic journey through the Starseed to the distant planet of Ember, in this highly-anticipated sequel to Call of the Starseed, the VR adventure that started it all.

Superhot VR (Original: $24.99) – Sale Price ($17.49)

Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT VR is the definitive VR FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.

To The Top (Original: $24.99) – Sale Price ($17.49)

In the future, cities are not protected by superheroes, instead superheroes are built. Super Bots are human piloted robots engineered with super powers to protect and serve the people. TO THE TOP Academy is a training program to test your skills and see if you are capable of piloting one of these machines. So strap in and see if you can pass this challenge

Arizona Sunshine (Original: $39.99) – Sale Price ($23.99)

Arizona Sunshine is developed from the ground up for VR users on the Vive, Rift, and PSVR. Step in the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, freely move around and explore a post-apocalyptic world, and handle motion-controlled weapons with real-life movements – putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling and satisfying than ever before.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (Original: $29.99) – Sale Price ($14.99)

Experience life as a clone of Morty and all the trauma that comes with it. Step through portals to strange worlds, help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and use your hands in VR to pick up and play in an interaction-filled 3D Rick-ality. Follow Rick’s directions (or don’t!) to solve puzzles and complete missions in this fully voice acted adventure.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (Original: $19.99) – Sale Price ($7.99)

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality transports you into some of the most unlikely and possibly unsanitary surgeries possible. Bob’s life is in your hands in this darkly humorous VR game, taking you closer to bloody surgery than you possibly ever wanted to go! From the operating theatre, to the back of an ambulance, to outer space, your patient’s welfare will be in your virtual hands.



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