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It VR Experience Now Available To Watch

It is an upcoming Warner Bros. horror movie that’s based on Steven King’s famous 1986 novel where children begin to go missing in a small town in Derry, Maine. A band of neighborhood kids come together to investigate the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance. As the kids start to investigate, they uncover that Pennywise, an evil clown whose known for […]

Linden Labs Launches Open Beta For Sansar

Linden Labs, the creators behind Second Life has just announced the launch of their Open Beta for Sansar. Using VR technology, Linden Labs aims to help users create a virtual world built by imagination. The company has been hard at work in developing Sansar where they’ve applied 14 years of knowledge into the new virtual world. […]

Knott’s Berry Farm Takes A Shot At Releasing Their Own VR Arena

There’s been a lot of movement within the industry with entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations releasing their own unique VR experiences in a VR arena environment. The latest to be added onto the list is Knott’s Berry Farm. In partnership with VRstudios, Knott’s Berry Farm has launched the first permanent installation of a free-roaming, multi-player VR experience in a […]