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Skydance Interactive Announces Archangel For VR

Today’s the start of E3 and what better way to announce the first bit of news than talking about VR! Today, Skydance Interactive announces an original VR title called Archangel. Archangel takes place in a post-apocalyptic America as players suit up in the cockpit of a six-story war machine to stop an evil corporation from […]

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR For HTC Vive

Nintendo has been expanding their portfolio as of late and letting third party companies develop their unique stories around their sensational characters. Last night we saw the big announcement with Ubisoft partnering up with Nintendo to launch Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Now, Bandai has licensed Nintendo’s brand to launch a unique VR experience called Mario Kart […]

Limitless VR Releases A Unique VR Interactive Animated Experience Called ‘Reaping Rewards’

Today, Limitless VR has released the first ever VR animated interactive short-film prototyped and animated within a VR environment called Reaping Rewards on Steam. Using the Limitless VR Creative Environment and intuitive VR motion controllers, users will be able to create their own unique scenes within the story. “Reaping Rewards” takes the VR viewer through a […]

Can Virtual Reality Reduce Fear of Death?

Virtual reality is currently being used in many extraordinary ways and applications outside of the gaming spectrum. For example, Mel Slater from the University of Barcelona has been studying the effects of using VR as a tool to change people’s attitudes about death. Slater and her colleagues have been conducting an experimentation with how people […]

Vince Gilligan Working on Breaking Bad VR Experience

Recently, Sony invited out seven high-profile TV producers to their Hollywood campus to introduce them to some VR experiences and technology. In attendance were David Shore of ‘The Blacklist,’ Ron Moore of ‘Battlestar Galactica, and Vince Gilligan of ‘Breaking Bad.’ While many of these producers were intrigued by the new virtual medium, Gilligan took exceptional […]