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Hasbro and DMG Entertainment to Launch Immersive VR/AR ‘Transformers’ Experience Center This Summer

Hasbro and DMG Entertainment are launching a highly immersive, interactive Transformers digital simulation experience center this summer in Shanghai. The experience center will feature up-close and personal character interactions, highly immersive VR and AR technology, interactive environments and activities featuring the latest digital technologies. In a recent press release, from DMG Entertainment, the company has […]

VR Games Make Hemophilia Treatments More Tolerable

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio is using VR games to distract their pediatric patients undergoing hemophilia treatments with extremely high success rates, and happy patients in place of traumatized ones. The system’s co-creator, Jeremy Patterson, directs user-experience technology, research and development at the hospital’s Research Institute reported in a statement that of his technology, “It’s led to […]

Cannes Film Festival VR Exhibit Takes You Across the US Boarder in VR

“Carne y Arena” is one of the hardest tickets to get at the Cannes Film Festival. Located approximately 15 minutes from the festival’s center in an airplane hangar, viewers are shuttled in specially for the experience. The visual art installation, created by Oscar award winner Alejandro Inarritu, allows those experiencing the exhibit to walk in the shoes of Mexican […]

Sotheby’s New York Opens ‘Art of Virtual Reality’ Exhibit

Sotheby’s New York in partnership with The Advanced Imaging Society’s Virtual Reality Society is hosting a two-day festival, June 22-23, to raise public awareness about VR, entitled ‘Art of Virtual Reality’. The event will take place at Sotheby’s NYC location. The exhibit aims to bring together artists, directors and producers to demonstrate VR, AR, 360 and MR. The two-day […]

IMAX VR Experience Center Debuts “Raising a Ruckus” before it Launches on Traditional VR

This Friday, May 19, “Raising a Ruckus” will debut at the IMAX VR Experience Center in Los Angeles. This is the first time an original VR production will premiere at an IMAX VR Center before launching on a traditional VR headset. “Raising a Ruckus” is the first episode of the Virtual Reality Company’s (VRC) new animated series of the same […]

UEFA Champions League Final Comes to VR

This June 3, The UEFA Champions League Final will be available in VR for UK residents. BT Sport will be capturing the match in 360-degrees at Csrdiff’s Millennium Stadium, in which Juventus will take on Real Madrid. Fans who can’t attend the game in real life will still be able to experience the match like they are truly […]