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Vision Summit 2017: Google Reveals Exciting New Apps

Vision Summit 2017: Google Reveals Exciting New Apps

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Moments ago, Nathan Martz, Google Developer Platforms PM spoke at Vision VR/AR Summit 2017. He announced some exciting launches which will be out later this month as well as Summer 2017. With the goal of “making awesome easy…together”, Google is looking to provide tools that help developers create the best work effectively.

The first announcement stated that Tango will get a native AR support to Unity later this year, known as Unity 2017.2.

The second announcement came in the form of three applications which will be available May 2017:

  1. Instant Preview: a new solution in editor that allows for a quicker iteration; make a change and see it on a device in seconds, rather than minutes
  2. Daydream Renderer: a suite of highly optimized tools that support dynamic lighting and shadowing in stereo at 60 on today’s flagship phones
  3. Daydream Elements: brand new initiative; modular, open source application with code ready to drop into your own games and applications

This summer, two introspection tools will be released that optimize application performance:

  1. PerfHUD: shows real-time hardware stats at a glance, in and out of VR
  2. GAPID: deep GPU profiling and static analysis on a PC

Martz stated that Google’s mission is to enable excellence in immersive computing, and these tools will take developers closer to achieving their goals.

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