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Virtualitics Allows You To See Big Data In VR

Virtualitics Allows You To See Big Data In VR

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Big data and artificial intelligence are some of the biggest trends today and Virtualitics is providing an outlet for the two solutions using VR. The Pasadena based startup is creating a platform where users can visualize and quantify the complex data in a virtual and augmented environment.

Its data exploration, collaborative environment is suitable for both data scientists and non-expert users and reveals multidimensional relationships present in the data, which may not be discoverable in any other way. A key component to Virtualitics is its cross-platform feature where multiple users can gain access via: the desktop, mobile, VR, and AR solutions.

The company is based on over a decade of research at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and was founded by: professor George Djorgovski, the founding director of Caltech’s Center for Data-Driven Discovery; Michael Amori, former Deutsche Bank managing director, Harvard MBA and Caltech alumnus; Dr. Ciro Donalek, computational scientist at Caltech; and Dr. Scott Davidoff, manager of the Human Interfaces Group at NASA’s JPL. These are all seasoned professionals with an experienced background in data visualization.

Recently, Virtualitics has won a hackathon put on by the United States Special Operations Command J24-Systems (military) where their coders were challenged to track a (hypothetical) lost ship with hostages aboard. The startup had to analyze incomplete data to predict the route of a simulated ship with hostages that was last seen somewhere off the coast of South Korea.

Virtualitcs has raised $4.4 million in Series A funding led by The VR Fund (The Venture Reality Fund). Having a platform that can help you visualize the data in VR is really powerful as you can see and observe the numbers three-dimensional space. It can also provide data visualization in a X, Y, Z plot-line which helps increase the scope of any project.

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