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Vetrix Provides A Fresh Perspective To VR Gaming

Vetrix Provides A Fresh Perspective To VR Gaming

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A lot of the times we see VR games being super colorful and eccentric with all the themes but Pixel Racers looks to create change to that notion with Vetrix.

Vetrix is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris, but with its own original mechanics built for virtual reality. The player will have to demonstrate dexterity, organization, and good skills in the geometry of space as well as “proprioception” to achieve the best possible score.

While Tetris is all about dropping blocks from the sky, Vetrix allows you to add in blocks from the sides to make sure you solve the puzzle.


Place the shapes wherever you want

You can place shapes on the bottom, the sides, or even the top of the puzzle area. There’s no gravity so make good use of the space.

Special blocks

Special blocks will give you bonuses, make sure you collect them swiftly.

Two game modes

Score mode – Reach the highest score possible in 300 seconds.
Time mode – Reach the target score as fast as possible.

Online Leaderboards

So your friends know who’s the best!

Vetrix is currently available on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. If you are a fan of puzzles and the original Tetris, you might experience a refreshing take of the classic fan favorite.

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