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UPS Will Now Train Their New Drivers Using HTC Vive

UPS Will Now Train Their New Drivers Using HTC Vive

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UPS has announced this morning that they will be training their new drivers using VR through the HTC Vive. Currently, UPS has more than 100,000 vehicles running each day around the world to deliver us packages. I know that I see a UPS driver almost on a daily basis thanks to the constant Amazon orders. With VR, UPS looks to train their drivers on how to drive more safely on the road.

The new planned initiative will start rolling out this September in all nine of the UPS Integrad training facilities around the U.S. They’ll be providing drivers with a realistic training environment in the virtual world where they can afford to mess up a few times.

The VR app that UPS will be using was internally developed by their IT team to recreate the experience of driving a real delivery vehicle. New trainees will learn to recognize and identify road hazards that could arise in their everyday delivery routes.

“Virtual Reality offers a big technological leap in the realm of driver safety training,” said Juan Perez, UPS Chief Information and Engineering Officer. “VR creates a hyper-realistic streetscape that will dazzle even the youngest of our drivers whose previous exposure to the technology was through video games.”

Prior to the roll out, trainees were taught to spot dangers and road hazards using touchscreen devices, which is quite mind boggling. So, many companies like UPS are turning to VR solutions like the Vive to help their employees with training. VR can create an immersive experience and provide real-world scenarios without risking any danger. They’ll be able to learn from the safety of a training facility.

If you get a chance and see a UPS driver after the start of September, make sure to give him a compliment about their improved driving skills.



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