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Unity Partners Up With Magic Leap To Deliver Technical Preview

Unity Partners Up With Magic Leap To Deliver Technical Preview

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Unity has announced at GDC 2018 that it’ll be partnering up with Magic Leap to deliver the Unity Technical Preview for the upcoming mixed reality platform.

The Technical Preview is meant for anyone looking to get a glimpse at the new platform and explore developing in spatial computing, digital content that interacts with the real world. Unity’s integration is compatible with Magic Leap Zero Iteration and Magic Leap Remote features, which allows for simulation of the hardware platform. Technical Previews are intended to be a first-look at new technology so some instability is to be expected.

Magic Leap is the latest platform to expand Unity’s growing support of XR and the next step in personal computing. “We at Unity are building on the knowledge and expertise learned from other XR platforms (everything from VR to Mobile AR) to continue to evolve our tools, runtime optimizations and workflow to allow developers to bring their XR content to the widest array of available hardware and ecosystems,” said the Unity team on their blog.

Magic Leap Technical Preview Features

The Magic Leap Technical Preview is built against Unity 2018.1. In addition to 2018.1 features, the Technical Preview includes a new platform under the Build Window to target Magic Leap’s Lumin OS.

  • Instanced Single Pass Stereo Rendering
  • World Reconstruction, such as world meshing, semantic labeling of floors, ceilings, and walls, and ray casting to retrieve intersection points with the world’s depth data
  • Physical World Occlusion Culling
  • Eye tracking through fixation point position based on where the user is looking
  • Support for the Control, including 6DOF tracking, trackpad, and lighting
  • Audio spatialization providing fine control over the response of the audio based on user’s movement and audio source position
  • Recognize the user’s hand poses (gestures) and track the position of identifiable points on hands such as the tip of the index fingers
  • Track the position and orientation of specified static image targets in the user’s environment
  • Zero Iteration with Magic Leap Remote (More details below under “Get Started With the Device Simulator”)

How to use the Unity Technical Preview for Magic Leap

  1. Download the Unity for Magic Leap Technical Preview. Additional updates will happen regularly so check back often to get the latest features.
  2. Register on the Magic Leap Creator Portal and grab the Magic Leap Lumin SDK. In addition to the Technical Preview, you will need to grab the latest Lumin SDK by registering on the Magic Leap Creator Portal.
  3. Provide feedback in the Unity Forum. This is a Technical Preview, so expect some instability. Please share your feedback and let us know of any issues you may encounter.

The catch about all of this is that you won’t have a Magic Leap headset to reference your work and designs. Rather, this is all a concept and what the future layout might look like for developing content on the Magic Leap platform.


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