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UNIGINE’s Superposition Benchmark Introduces Third Wave VR

UNIGINE’s Superposition Benchmark Introduces Third Wave VR

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UNIGINE asks the following questions, and then offers up its latest solution…

Q: You’ve bought a VR headset but don’t know what to do with it?

Q: Sick and tired of VR-games with subpar graphics?

A: Good news: truly awesome VR graphics are finally here. Say hello to the Superposition benchmark, a totally new level of immersion. Over 900 interactive objects and control over the laws of physics. Go ahead: dust off your headset and get that Superposition benchmark downloaded!

Superposition benchmark is a next-generation GPU benchmark tailored for testing reliability and performance of the latest GPUs. A GPU-benchmark is a program designed to test the performance of a computer’s GPU. You can use it to determine the power of your GPU or to compare the performance characteristics of several different GPUs. Additionally, soon after its launch, it will feature a global leaderboard for those of you with a competitive streak! Superposition also comes packed with other features and functionalities such as top-notch visuals, support for VR-devices, and an interactive mode with mini-games.

When you launch Superposition, you find yourself transported back in time to a 1950s laboratory of a physicist who has mysteriously disappeared. Explore his work space and tools to find out what experiments the professor was conducting and solve the puzzle of his fate.

According to UNIGINE’s latest press release, it’s most impressive features are outlined below:


The unique SSRTGI technique used in Superposition was developed by the UNIGINE team for the UNIGINE 2 engine (used for professional simulation & training applications, VR-applications, and games). The SSRTGI is a ray tracing algorithm: it makes real-time light and shadow look as realistic as possible.

The benchmark has an Ultra HD mode with 4К and 8К resolution — extreme settings designed for the next-gen GPUs that will come on the market in the next couple of years.


The Superposition benchmark pushes even the latest flagship GPUs to their limits. And, what is more important, Superposition is a non-synthetic benchmark. The adjustable graphics parameters and an interactive mode with mini-games provide a workload corresponding to that of the latest and most advanced games.

That is why, unlike the abstract numbers produced by synthetic tests, the Superposition metrics accurately reflect actual GPU performance.


Superposition by UNIGINE introduces the next level of immersion into virtual reality. We offer a totally new VR experience. In VR mode, Superposition outclasses many VR games in graphics quality and the number of interactive objects (over 900 in a single room!).

The benchmark is compatible with the most popular VR peripherals: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch. You can check if a system is VR-ready and take in the full glory of the AAA-class PC and VR game graphics.


Soon after the release of Superposition, UNIGINE will launch its own global leaderboard. Not only will the users will be able to test their systems, they will also be able to share their results and compare them to those obtained by millions of other people around the world.

Superposition is available in three editions: Basic, Advanced and Pro. It requires Windows, Linux (64-bit), GPU no older than 4-5 years, Oculus Rift / HTC Vive headset (optional) to operate.

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