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The magic of virtual reality and augmented reality has been seeping through the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley. With the likes of Google, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, and more mixed in the new tech game, we’re starting to see a rise from a lot of other companies such as Twitter. Twitter has started their participation in the VR games by hiring Allesandro Sabatelli who was once a part of the UI design team over at Apple.

Sabatelli became the CEO of IXOMOXI which is a VR startup company driven to target millennials with simplistic filters that can be applied in virtual reality. It’s a phenomenal idea that helps enrich and entertain the target audience. Sabatelli will be in charge of putting together the VR and AR team over at Twitter in the Twitter Cortex branch.

Twitter first participated in VR by releasing a virtual reality experience with the participation of the NBA. They wanted to co-host the event in virtual reality.

Twitters Road to VR glory

Twitter has recently acquired a company called Magic Pony which specialized in machine learning through rich algorithms. It’s capable of enriching VR and AR applications. With a striking move like this by Twitter, they are indeed flexing their platform to incorporate the technology soon in the future.

Many are curious to see how the future will align in the future. Below is a demonstration of the capabilities of VR and AR that the companies mentioned are going to foretell.

With capabilities and powers like this, companies are thoughtful of what can be obtained with the power of virtual and augmented reality. This could be the reason why Twitter is now fully participating in the race to VR glory.

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