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Top VR Games On Sale During Steam Winter Sale 2017

Top VR Games On Sale During Steam Winter Sale 2017

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Valve has finally launched their annual Steam Winter Sale where you can find many games at a discounted rate. We want to help narrow down that list with the top VR games that are on sale on the Steam marketplace. Some of these games are up to 80% off which makes it a great time to purchase some of these titles.

While the list of VR games that are on sale is pretty vast, we handpicked some of these games for you. The sale will end on Januarty 4th, 2018 so you make sure to keep this in mind.

Below is our top recommended list of VR games on sale during the annual Steam Winter Sale:


Superhot VR – $18.74 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

I Expect You To Die – $12.49 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Project Cars 2 – $35.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Payday 2: Ultimate Edition – $20.16 (HTC Vive)

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – $24.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Elite Dangerous – $7.49 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

DiRT Rally – $11.99 (Oculus Rift)

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality – $20.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Job Simulator – $17.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

The Talos Principle VR – $19.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Duck Season – $14.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Pavlov VR – $5.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Ultrawings – $12.49 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Google Tiltbrush – $9.99 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

Sairento VR – $25.49 (HTC Vive | Oculus Rift)

You can check out other top selling VR game titles on the Steam marketplace here.


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  1. Assetto Corsa is excellent racing game on sale and supports VR on Vive, Rift and WMR. Huge user base and modding content


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