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TIME’s Life Brand, People, and Sports Illustrated Brings Storytelling Through Life VR

TIME’s Life Brand, People, and Sports Illustrated Brings Storytelling Through Life VR

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Life, an iconic storytelling publisher and brand has just released Life VR, a virtual reality app made for Time’s brands including People and Sports Illustrated. It’ll be the first VR experience brought by the iconic company that’ll serve as a platform to tell in-depth stories.

Defying The Nazis VR


With this release, Time has brought various stories on to the platform. One of the VR stories from Time’s brand is called Defying The Nazis VR. This compelling story will venture you through the eyes of immigrants during WWII where people escaped to America from France. The story will be an immersed experience through 360 VR technology where you get a hone sense of the dramatic experience these refugees faced. With this platform, Time wants to deliver the experience and emotions that traditional mediums aren’t able to deliver.

Defying The Nazis VR experience was produced by VR Playhouse in addition to Farm Pond Pictures, Artemis Joukowsky, and director Elijah Allan-Blitz.



Another project that’s been released with the launch of Life VR app is Lumen. This experience is supposed to provide a calm and focused sensation in a magical VR forest through calming sounds and visuals. Lumen will walk you through exercises such as technical breathing that are meant to de-stress your nerves and keep you tranquil in the mind. The Life brand represents the beauty of human kind and we expect to see many stories and VR experiences that help nurture the growth of the heart.

Lumen was a collaboration effort with Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab professor, Walter Greenleaf and Framestore VR studio.

Fast Ride


Fast Ride is another experience you can find on Life VR where you get to be the passenger in a race car. Experience what it’s like to be on board with an expert driver (Jeremy Barnes) in a really fast car (Mazda RX-7) at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California. The experience is a thriller as you get to experience what it might be like to be in such a situation.

The Fast Ride experience was a collaboration with Wevr.

Life VR is available on iTunes App Store, Android, and Steam. We highly recommend you checking out what Life VR has to offer as Time’s brands serve as one of the best mediums on the planet. We hope to see many more stories to come on the new Life VR platform.

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