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TIB Digital Announces A WebVR CMS That Allows You To Build Your Website In VR

TIB Digital Announces A WebVR CMS That Allows You To Build Your Website In VR

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Websites are primarily the face of any company where users jump online to learn more about a business and its offerings. They can have simple to intricate designs that amplifies the brand itself with integrated images and videos. While that’s all good and dandy, TIB Digital believes that they can amplify a customer’s experience for your brand by offering a VR website for companies to use.

TIB Digital has developed an intricate WebVR CMS platform that will allow you to build a website of your own in VR.

tib digital vr website cms

“Picture this, you put on the VR glasses and suddenly you are standing in a virtual shop surrounded by racks of t-shirts,” said Luke Peake, Co-Founder of TIB Digital. “You look left and right and see different styles and designs of t-shirts. You focus on one of the t-shirts, it zooms in to show a close up of the design. The product price and description slides out to the side. It’s not what you want, you look away, the t-shirt goes back into the rack. You continue your browsing in the virtual store because this is so much more exciting then your traditional e-commerce store layout.”

Peake believes that their WebVR platform can be used in more verticals than one. TIB Digital has created a multitude of demo sites where you can experience the advantages of having a VR website. For instance, they have created demo VR experiences for verticals in eCommerce, finance, food & beverage, and many more. Our favorite use case for a VR website came with the resort idea where you can virtually check out the vacation spot in an immersive environment while gaining knowledge and information about the resort.

tibvr VR website

TIB Digital has released a variation of backgrounds to choose from where you can lay out content for your VR website. The platform itself is built on A-frame with custom codes to integrate the content management system. This way, a user can change assets within the website.

On the current version of the platform, you are barred to four virtual walls, which can become cumbersome itself. This gives the impression of limited space instead of a free virtual world. But Peake believes this is the first phase of the growing point.

“At this stage it’s essentially a four walled experience, with the depth of the background image,” Peake stated. “However, this is just the start for us as we want to take this to the next level by adding in special effects including floating clouds, video backgrounds, animations and much more.”

how to use tibvr cms

Peake and his team over at TIB Digital are on a mission to create an easy-to-use platform where businesses can simply pull and drag things into the virtual website. Simply put, Luke Peake believes that TIB Digital will evolve into a Squarespace for VR.

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