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Thought: How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Look In 10 Years

Thought: How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Look In 10 Years

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A lot can happen over a span of ten years. For instance, Elon Musk is innovating the space industry to the point where we might have a person on Mars in less than ten years. Pharmaceutical companies are working aggressively to release a cure to some of the most deadly diseases in less than ten years. Heck, some of the biggest cities in the U.S. believe that they can go 100% renewable in energy in less than ten years. So what can the VR and AR industry look like in ten years?

Well, imagine this. you put on an HMD or a contact lens that virtually puts you into someone else’s body. Through the VR device, you gain the ability of seeing and living out your life through someone else’s eyes. Your favorite celebrity puts on a pair of contact lens that livestreams from their point of view. Whether they are taking out the garbage, meeting with their friends, going to a concert, you’ll be with them at all times so long as they have their livestreaming peripherals on.

Our society craves on the lives of celebrities, social media personalities, and the rich. We’re seeing celebrities on Instagram and Twitter with tens of millions of followers. Think how powerful of a tool VR and AR will be once we have the right technology to immerse ourselves into their daily lives. People will indulge themselves on living out their lives through someone else’s point of view.

Just look at shows on TV right now. It’s full of reality TV featuring high profile celebrities such as the Kardashians. Viewers follow along their daily lives and see the drama that unfolds. These celebrities have some of the most followed social media accounts on the planet. Millions of people already watch their show. So it’s not too farfetched in believing that millions of consumers will adopt VR and AR technology for the immersive viewing pleasure.

In addition, celebrities already showcase snippets of their real, daily lives through applications such as Snapchat. They portray their lives through their point of view using their phones or smart recording sunglasses like the Spectacles.

Advertising will also crossover to the VR and AR platform where sleek ads intrude your POV while being immersed. Companies such as Vertebrae are already gearing up for these opportunities.

It would also be great for fans of sports to see in POV of their favorite athletes. Just imagine seeing the playing field through Tom Brady’s eyes. You’ll literally see how he moves, the quick decisions he makes, and even see the big bad scary linebacker such as Von Miller coming after him. Being synced into their eyes will open doors to how the top athletes react in certain scenarios. Students of the sport can use this technology to enhance their performance by directly observing the top athletes.

Companies such as Samsung have already submitted patents for smart contact lens. While, the technology described above isn’t available today, it might be something possible in the next ten years. Just look at what Oculus Chief Scientist, Michael Abrash, predicts will happen in the next 5 years.

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