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Things Get A Little Rowdy In Hotel R’n’R In VR

Things Get A Little Rowdy In Hotel R’n’R In VR

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What is it like to live a rock’n’roll life? Well, get ready to find out in Hotel R’n’R by Wolf & Wood Interactive.

About Hotel R’n’R

In this game you will take on a life of a failed musician who has to make a deal with the devil. You will receive musical talent, infamy and hard cash. All you have to do in return is is smash up some hotel rooms for the devil.

You will be able to visit a variety of hotels with unique playground of things to explore, interact with and ultimately destroy. You have time to plan your attack before raising too much suspicion, but once the fireworks start be careful that the maid or hotel manager don’t get into the room.

You will start to build up infamy and cash which allows you to unlock a whole pawn shop of oddball weapons, modifiers and performance enhancers that are designed to give you many more creative ways to cause mayhem.


  • A world tour awaits: Featuring five very different hotels, from New Mexico to Las Vegas via Tokyo, Los Angeles and London
  • Lover not a fighter: Come up with imaginative new ways of causing mayhem – your puny flesh breaks so easily
  • Pawn to die: The pawn shop and gun range has lots of items such as t-shirt cannons, glue guns and fireworks to aid in your quest to smash the (hotel) system
  • Do not disturb: Don’t let the maid, manager or security in because lawyers and resurrections can be expensive
  • Mini-games: Visit Purgatory to take on the Devil’s work in a series of mini-games based around the deadly sins
  • Idle hands: The Devil has a long list of weird challenges to keep things fresh
  • Shhh… secrets: Find safe codes, secret passages and areas that are not so obvious on initial inspection

Hotel R’n’R is set to release on August 29th, 2019 for both the Oculus Rift and HTC vive platforms. There isn’t a priced set but you can visit their Steam page today.

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