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TheWave VR Puts On The First VR Rave

TheWave VR Puts On The First VR Rave

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TheWaveVR is the first company in the virtual reality community to create a social VR music platform for the music lovers. The audience will be able to host, view, and socialize within live shows internationally, regardless of their geological location.

vr rave at vrla

This Austin, Texas based company has engineered a solution for VR users to become interactive within a social event. Music festivals and concerts have always been about the “Experience.” With TheWaveVR, you and your friends can enjoy a show, concert, rave, or festival and have that unique experience even if you aren’t physically together.

Musicians will also be able to host a virtual show and events from anywhere around the world with their loyal fans. This interactive platform will generate a venue and immerse the audience with digital stimulants and music. The virtual attendees will have the chance to see the actions taken by the artists with graffiti like tags painted all over the digital venue.

On August 5th, TheWaveVR closed a $2.5 million seed round of funding with some notorious VC firms including KPCB Edge, Presence Capital, Rothenberg Ventures, RRE Ventures, The VR Fund, Seedcamp. The round of funding also included some angel investors like Mike Fischer, Ex-CEO of Square Enix North America and Joe Kraus who used to be a part of Google Ventures.

TheWaveVR will be accessible on most VR headsets which will make attending the same virtual show a little bit easier.

We had the opportunity to visit the ever exhausted Adam Arrigo, Co-Founder and CEO of TheWaveVR, and he let us in on quite a few things about the platform and what this company means for the music community.

adam arrigo ceo of thewavevr

And within the first minute we discovered how excited yet tired Adam was. He told us that he and his team have been working around the clock to setup the demo at VRLA. They were about to put on the first VR Rave and wanted to make it an unforgettable experience for the audience and right he was. Adam and his team all derive from a musical background and developed this company with music in mind. Music was their first passion and created a platform for all music lovers to experience music in a whole different way.

the first vr rave

There were many challenges and obstacles along the way for Adam and the team but they were able to overcome it through the passion and mindset for the VR music experience.

vr rave lineup

This first VR Rave was a co-collaboration between TheWaveVR and Skullcandy with the release of their Crusher VRA headsets. Many EDM artists were in attendance and gave a unique but exciting experience for the VR audience. Every VR stage was different with the artwork being painted by the artists.

Adam also went on to elaborate on his trust and belief in the accelerated growth of the VR community. He was highly excited to talk about what virtual reality is becoming and the potential of this technology. The virtual platform has many indistinguishable features that can present an infinite world.


TheWaveVR is scheduled to be at many shows, festivals, and concerts in the future including SXSW. Catch the virtual experience soon through your virtual reality headsets.

Check out below to see a snippet of the VR musical experience.

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