Home VR Games The Poisoner Releases On Personal VR Headsets

The Poisoner Releases On Personal VR Headsets

The Poisoner Releases On Personal VR Headsets

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The Poisoner was created as a location based VR game. But with a turn of a twist, PlatformaVR has released the title for regular VR users to experience at the convenience of their homes.

The Poisoner Story

In the game you are tasked to look into a high-profile case where you explore a foreboding crime scene, realizing this won’t be easy. Every tick of the clock is one step closer to your doom unless you can seek out the answers and clues with a life-saving antidote.

There will be clues that have to be found in the most outlandish spots and all the specifics are gravely significant. The last thing you need is a large headline in the news challenging the competence of the police force and letting a serial killer roaming free. Your crisis must be solved promptly.

Experienced in solving a variety of enigmatic cases before, as a detective you may not be easily shaken. But uncovering the secrets of this murderer is considerably complex, where you must leave no stone unturned.


  • Fully interactive environment
  • Telekinesis – use it to grab things
  • Check the hints on your smartwatch, they are helpful

The experience itself is quite short where users are averaging around less than an hour. The game is also teleportation based. You can download the game today on SteamVR for $8.99.

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