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The Obamas Bid A Farewell From The White House With A 360 VR Video


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Felix & Paul Studios have collaborated with the House House and the Obamas to release an amazing 360 video. In the experience you’ll find President Obama narrating throughout the video about the history behind the White House. He mentions the historic significance and how it belongs to all the United States citizens.

He also goes over the significance of each area throughout the White House and what he remembers from those special places. The 360 VR experience feels private and alive as you are able to turn in any direction to see your surroundings. There’s no one present in the different areas besides occasionally seeing President Obama and Michelle Obama.

Towards the end of the video you’ll also hear the narration of the First Lady. She goes over the significance of areas such as the Ball Room and how it took time to transition into the White House. At first she felt as if she was living in a “Museum” but got adjusted over time to feel homely. She mentions that there are 2 levels above the state floors where they live privately and the kids essentially grew up there.

This 360 video shows insights to the White House like never before with the use of 360 technology. The length of the video is 8:17 so it’s got a decent amount of content. If you’ve ever wanted some insight details to the Obamas and the White House this will surely be a great experience to watch.

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