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The other Virtual Reality headset device

HTC Vive is quickly picking up steam. With it’s release date in sight, (April 5, 2016) there is nothing other than the Oculus Rift that can stop its momentum and introduction into this new VR industry.

Creating new hardware and technology has been a goal for HTC for many years. From the birth of this company until now, it’s been motivated to create the latest and greatest in technology at an affordable price.

The HTC Vive should come at no surprise. 

It’s going to be dedicated to deliver some fantastic franchise games in the future with its close knit relationship with Steam.


Steam is a gaming platform that brings many games into an all-in-one station which makes it popular amongst the gaming community.

The VR and fun team predicts that this will allow some new types of gaming franchises to emerge. We are thinking something along the lines of Sword Art Online meets Starcraft and Warcraft. Maybe add some League of Legends on top of that. Whatever it is, just be prepared to be MESMERIZED.

How it works

The HTC Vive works a little differently than the Oculus Rift. While The Oculus Rift has you in a stationary position, The Vive takes into account your surroundings to allow you to roam a little bit within a proximity.

For instance, if you had the HTV Vive set up in your room, it’ll take into account the walls and boundaries within the room. So you can roam freely inside it yet hit barriers within the game in accordance with the walls.

It really is a neat concept that can drastically make the playing experience different from the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Another thing that makes a big difference in functionality from the Oculus Rift is the fact that the games won’t always be compatible with one another. With the HTC Vive being in partnerships with Steam, the exclusive contents released on it will stay on there any not expand to the Playstation VR nor the Oculus Rift.

A major difference between The Vive and the Rift will also be the factor of hardware. They both come with pretty stellar computing power but the Oculus Rift can output more as it uses a PC. This allows for some heavy duty graphics while the HTC Vive is a standalone device using its own internal system.

This is what makes the HTC Vive truly unique. You will be able to use this device WITHOUT having a PC involved which is amazing.

Prepare yourself for some extreme gaming with the HTC Vive.

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