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Teslasuit Introduces Full Body Haptics

Teslasuit Introduces Full Body Haptics

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We’ve done our fair share of covering haptics. From gloves to finger sensors, we’ve been following this advancing technology which will enable VR to become more humanistic daily. Heck, we even joked about it on April Fool’s Day. Now, the Teslasuit is adding a whole new layer to VR. This “layer” we’re talking about is not a base layer for physical activities — despite the fact that it’s so reminiscent of a wetsuit — we’re talking about a completely more humanistic way to experience virtual reality. Funny enough, the Teslasuit will be able to control your body temperature (so maybe it is more sports related than I initially was thinking!) as it comes equipped with thermo climate control.

Check out all of the Teslasuits features below:

  1. Full Body Haptic Feedback
    • Feel a wide range of sensations across your whole body whether the soft touch of warm rain, a heavy impact or even the freezing cold
    • Haptic library provides a range of sensations to targeted areas across the body including simultaneously stimulating multiple muscle groups
  2. Motion Capture System
    • Uses sensors to transfer the precise position of the body into virtual environments
    • No need to think about latency and your actual position in VR location, Teslasuit will think instead of you
  3. Avatars
    • T-Suit can fully mimic a user’s body movements in AR/VR environments
    • Digital representation (avatar or “skin”) of the user can be created – allowing a further degree of personalization
  4. Climate Control System
    • Provides user with extra realistic immersive sensations.
    • Revolutionary heating and cooling elements allows for rapid changes in temperature to be created within mere seconds
    • Simulates any situation
      • walk in the sun
      • feel the freezing chill of an arctic wind
      • feel the heat of a forest fire
      • feel bomb explosions

The Teslasuit would take full immersion VR to a whole new level. This wireless technology would possess the capabilities to make VR almost indistinguishable from real life, which is where experts say the future of VR is headed within the next 15 years. Although the suit is not available for consumers yet, you can get on a waitlist here.

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