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Take On Your Foes In ‘Axegend: Episode I’

Take On Your Foes In ‘Axegend: Episode I’

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Whether they are evil dragons, skeletons, or even pirates, it’s always fun to take down the evil dwellers in virtual reality. Subversion Squad Studio looks to amp that bit of fun in Axegend: Episode I.

Axegend: Episode I  is a Rogue-lite strategic action VR game which is the beginning of Axegend series inspired by Orcs Must Die.

In Axegend:Episode I, you’ll play as a knight who use all sorts to weapons & traps to fend off waves of enemies and trace the princess in distress. Players will have access to unique traps, fun weapons, exciting battles and fusion of Rogue-lite element.

Like many other action VR games, there will be many different enemies you must face. This includes regular minions and epic bosses who will come to terrorize your day in rescuing the distressed princess.

You’ll also have access to the bar and tavern where you’ll see many other people mingling about.


· Customize fighting style of your own

· Rogue-lite Mechanics

· Heart-wrenching battle against epic Bosses

· Imaginative bonus stages

· Exceptional weapon control

· Unrivaled item design

· Load of eye-popping traps to choose from

· Save the princess and solve the mystery of the world

Axegend:Episode I will be a ongoing franchise with many other chapters scheduled to release in the future. Episode I is slated to release on May 28, 2020 on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

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