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Take On Some Spooky Ghosts In Spectro

Take On Some Spooky Ghosts In Spectro

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If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? Spectro! That’s who!

Borrowed Lights Studios has just launched their spooky ghost-busting VR game called “Spectro” where your objective is to trap ghosts, dodge spells, loot chests, and explore an infinitely shifting haunted tower.

You’ll notice that something paranormal has been sweeping through the town of Weirdwood. And as the curious person that you are, you will be heading into the ever-changing haunted tower to return with the Mask of Okeem.

In the trailer you can see how you will have to capture these ghosts with your special device shaped like a ray gun. They will be trying to attack you so you must do so while dodging oncoming attacks. It takes a moment to capture these spirits.

In addition, you will be traversing the tower to find hidden totems that are scattered throughout. Along that journey, you will discover new and more powerful items.

You will also be able to access the “eboo” shop where you can purchase a variety of items.


  • Bust some ghosts
    Some channel energy, some throw bombs, others shoot lasers out of their eyes – they all want to get you!
  • Random level generation
    A unique layout every time, with new loot, ghosts, and challenges to overcome.
  • Upgrade your gear
    Open chests, find power ups, save up your coins to buy new gear.
  • VR from the ground up
    Designed with virtual reality in mind from the beginning. Mechanics that are optimized for hand presence including ducking, dodging, bomb bouncing, and more.
  • Locomotion choice
    Free-movement, teleport, and other options to customize your experience for comfort and immersion.
  • Hidden artifact challenges
    Find collectables and totems that trigger object challenges. Careful not to let a ghost see you or you may have to run!

Spectro is available for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game will come packed with some fun and enjoyment that’s perfect for the October Halloween time. Good luck in your ghost catching adventures.

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