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Take A Magical Hike Through Fujii In VR

Take A Magical Hike Through Fujii In VR

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Funktronic Labs has recently launched a new VR game called Fujii. In this experience, players will be able to take a musical hike through lush, chromatic VR wilderness.

You will have the chance to bring dormant landscapes back to life by restoring native flora through light, water, and harmony, while collecting seeds to grow your own enchanted garden.

A serene, mystical journey that traverses a series of otherworldly, organic landscapes, Fujii is a respite for weary travelers. The experience flows between outdoor exploration and creative gardening, merging aspects of adventure and cultivation into a refreshing, musically enveloping whole.


After emerging from a mystical tree, players venture out to explore three unique and magical biomes. Watering, touching, and interacting in musical ways with plants and creatures throughout each biome restores its lifeforce, and expands the energetic rings of light that hover above. Each biome brings its own biodiversity and plant interactions, eventually leading players to the source of Fujii’s powerful energy well. 

Fujii also lets players gather a host of exotic seeds from its varied biomes, which they can bring home to cultivate and customize their own unique, otherworldly garden. By lifting planters out of the ground and sowing seeds in pots of various shapes and sizes, players are able to craft unique, bountiful landscapes for virtual relaxation.

Fujii is available for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users on Steam for $14.99. It is a casual game where you can go at your own pace. The gameplay is around 2-3 hours with the gardening portion being as long as you like.

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