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Take A Leisurely Walk In Therapy Sheep VR

Take A Leisurely Walk In Therapy Sheep VR

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Bam! Boom! Pow!

It seems like virtual reality has been focusing most of its energy on energized entertainment. From Beat Saber to Half-Life: Alyx, everything is go-go. But IFGworld looks to take a different approach with Therapy Sheep VR.

In this virtual reality experience you will simply roam free through a mountainside meadow modeled after the Swiss Alps. Rolling hills and tall grass rustle with the wind as you walk alongside friendly grazing sheep.

In the game you will learn more about your new quadrupedal friends through interesting facts and the way they might behave in the wild while herding sheep.

Use the time of day feature to wander through the meadow at 4 distinct and dynamic times: the refreshing dawn, beautiful day, colorful dusk, and starry night.


  • Beautiful grassy meadow in the mountains
  • Friendly grazing sheep, happy to have your company
  • 4 times of day to enjoy
  • Interesting sheep facts

Planned Features:

  • Additional maps
  • Sheep customization
  • Sheep shearing
  • Goal-based games
  • Multiplayer

Therapy Sheep will be available starting April 30th for the Oculus Rift. How would you spell out the sound that a sheep makes?

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