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Nintendo NX Might Incorporate VR Technology

Nintendo has recently announced its global release of the Nintendo NX for March 2017. They haven’t been a true contender in terms of console sales since the N64 but Nintendo is trying to make the big comeback. Possible VR capabilities with Nintendo NX Nintendo’s camp has been pretty hush hush about the upcoming console. However, at […]

Pokemon Go coming to Google Cardboard VR

  The beta has been released for Pokemon Go and it seems to include the original 151 monsters. We found out that the game will allow you to buy items and skins for your character and will include the different types of Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon. The game will make you travel in real […]

Exclusive Q&A With Adr1ft Creator Adam Orth

  Q&A with Adam Orth, one of the creators of Adr1ft SJ at VR and Fun got the privilege to interview Adam Orth, one of the founders and creators of Three One Zero gaming studios and the highly raved virtual reality game ADR1FT. This VR game takes place around Earth’s orbit with the main character waking up to […]