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Beat The Fear Of Climbing With The Climb VR

Rock climbing first became an athletic sport through outdoor exploration. Today, people learn to climb indoors with man made climbing walls. The walls are arranged a variety of grading systems to compare the difficulties of climbs. This is the reason why various climbing techniques and equipment was used to advance the sport. The goal is to reach […]

ExVRience Relaxation In The Virtual World

New games are fast coming out to the market in the world of technological revolution. A lot of virtual games with different genres and categories are enticing players to try out VR such as horror, action adventure, sports and many others. There are some games that can result to positive or negative feelings after playing, affecting […]

In Depth Review Of WingSuit VR Game

One of the most popular VR simulation game, WingSuit gives the player an experience of flying on high altitude. It is a freefalling extreme sport on a wingsuit and an exhilarating adventure from high altitude towards the ground. The game takes place in a scenario overlooking canyons, mountain lakes, and treetops. This 3D virtual reality […]

ADR1FT Clair De Lune VR Trailer

A new game called ADR1Ft’s Clair De Lune There’s been a developing game recently called Adr1ft that’s been blowing our minds with teasers about an astronaut in space. A new trailer has recently come out that depicts an astronaut who you control being in some kind of bad situation aboard a space station. The trailer […]