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AR Stocks Predicted to Shine in Stock Market

Although VR is more well-known in comparison to AR, many large technology companies are looking towards AR and mixed reality for the future. According to US News and World Report, “Chris Curran, chief technologist at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas, says according to his company’s 2016 Global Digital IQ Survey (which included more than 2,000 IT and business […]

Chet Faliszek leaves Valve and SteamVR

It was announced today that Chet Faliszek, writer and VR evangelist, is leaving Valve after 12 years. Valve is the company that created SteamVR’s platform. Faliszek assured gameindustry.biz that his decision to leave had no hard feelings or ill will behind it. “It was nothing exciting or drama filled,” he wrote of his departure. “I worked […]

Who wants to have a ‘Séance’?

Turn off the lights, and get ready to feel the forgotten adrenaline rush of anticipated childhood terror. I mean, who doesn’t like a good ghost story, am I right? Starting today, Holospark is releasing a free 5-minute demo of their new VR experience, Séance: The Unquiet, on Steam and the Oculus Store. Enter the haunted house where “a family confronts […]

Standup Comedy Goes Virtual Tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 27, AltspaceVR will be hosting ‘Comedy Living Room’s’ virtual, live standup show. ‘Comedy Living Room’ is a live comedy show, hosted in a living room. Created in 2012 by comedy fans and roommates Matt Lottman and Frank Chad Muniz, these entertaining minds thought it would cool to host a stand-up show in their living room for their […]

GoPro Releases New VR Camera Called ‘Fusion’

GoPro announced the release of their new VR camera, the Fusion, last week via their blog. The company’s latest offering joins the throng of other 360° cameras released in the past week. This is GoPro’s first camera capable of VR. According to GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman, GoPro Fusion has “the ability to capture every angle simultaneously… as though you […]