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Live Event Trends that are Driving Social VR

Since the widespread adoption of on-demand streaming video, the consumption of media has become increasingly individualistic. Consumers now have an abundance of choice that was once limited to a handful of popular television shows that viewers would discuss with their peers. This social aspect of media consumption has been decreasing in recent years, but virtual […]

VR Bar Games: Coming To a Pub Near You?

Forget darts, pool, and foosball — bar games are getting a major update. Enter The VR Concept, the world’s first permanent in-pub VR Arcade based in London. Co-founded by Oli Lane, Anthony Nixon, Henry Clarke, the company is looking to bring its technology to other pubs around the world. “Virtual reality is a kind of infinitely flexible, infinitely exciting […]

Beat The Fear Of Climbing With The Climb VR

Rock climbing first became an athletic sport through outdoor exploration. Today, people learn to climb indoors with man made climbing walls. The walls are arranged a variety of grading systems to compare the difficulties of climbs. This is the reason why various climbing techniques and equipment was used to advance the sport. The goal is to reach […]

Play Professional VR Golf Online

Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls in a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. It is considered as a “Gentlemen’s Game” because the golfers are expected to follow the rules of […]