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‘Detached’ Set to Launch May 18

“It was supposed to be a simple salvage operation… but in space… nothing is ever simple…” Can you survive on your own after being cast aside in a corrupt outer space mutiny? On May 18, Detached will be released on Steam and the Oculus Store, and you’ve been warned — this game is not for the faint of […]

Highly Anticipated IndustrialVR Takes You Inside Humankind’s Most Dangerous Architectural Achievements

IndustrialVR is a brand new game designed by Pixela Labs to show and explain workflow and general concepts of complex industrial sites. It offers both educational and explorational VR experiences by giving users the ability to navigate through the industrial sites, explore detailed areas of specific machinery, and play and pause technical cycles to understand underlying principles better. Learn […]

Viking Rage Comes to HTC Vive April 28

Travel back in time to a Nordic nightmare in Viking Rage, a VR tower defense game. Don your double-horned helmet, grab your axes, arrows, and bows and get ready to defend your strongholds from deadly demon invasions. Trolls, Kobolds, and other mystical creatures will come for your castle, and it’s your mission to destroy them — […]

This Might Be The Next Tribes Game For VR

A lot of gaming studios in the VR industry have been working diligently on releasing quality experiences with awesome graphics and immense storytelling. And a lot of these titles are to be released later down the road. While that’s terrific news, there isn’t a single VR title holding the community’s attention. But recently, we found […]