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Exclusive Q&A With Adr1ft Creator Adam Orth

  Q&A with Adam Orth, one of the creators of Adr1ft SJ at VR and Fun got the privilege to interview Adam Orth, one of the founders and creators of Three One Zero gaming studios and the highly raved virtual reality game ADR1FT. This VR game takes place around Earth’s orbit with the main character waking up to […]

Watch Hulu Virtually On The Samsung Gear

Traditionally, we watch Hulu on the internet through a PC or tablet. But Hulu and Samsung decided they wanted to add a little more flavor to how we watch Hulu. So the two released Hulu on the Samsung Gear VR. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Hulu in a virtual reality world, watching your favorite movies […]

HTC Vive

The other Virtual Reality headset device HTC Vive is quickly picking up steam. With it’s release date in sight, (April 5, 2016) there is nothing other than the Oculus Rift that can stop its momentum and introduction into this new VR industry. Creating new hardware and technology has been a goal for HTC for many […]