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Oculus Touch Priced at $199, Shipping December 6th

Today, Oculus unveiled the final iteration of the Oculus Touch controllers to the public including the release date and price. They let us know that the motion tracked controllers will be available to the public starting December 6th, at $199. Pre-orders for the Touch will start on October 10th. Currently, the Rift utilizes Xbox One controllers to […]

Hold The Door! On HTC Vive

The creators of Hold The Door! have released an early access to the VR game for HTC Vive users to try out. The goal and objective of the game is to essentially hold the door from the waves of enemies that are trying to break into your castle. When you enter the game, you are positioned […]

Race To Win In BlazeRush VR

Racing games have always been about trying to win and claim 1st place. As Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” And that’s exactly the mentality you need going into BlazeRush. BlazeRush is an Oculus Rift experience that genres under action arcade racing survival game. It was one of the first […]

Go Hunt Virtual Dinosaurs In Island 359 VR Game

There’s been a lot of games that portrayed the dinosaur hunting experience but nothing comes close to the one that Island 359 brings. Created by CloudGate Studios, this VR game allows you to hunt dinosaurs in a virtual setting. You are dropped off on a secluded island (similar to the one in Jurassic Park) where […]

Meet Skullcandy’s First Immersive VR Headset Crusher VRA

Skullcandy is a brand that represents some of the best headphones whether you’re on the go or snowboarding down a mountain. Skullcandy has a pair of headphones that’ll meet your demands. Recently, Skullcandy has unveiled their solution for the virtual reality users with the Crusher VRA. It essentially transforms your media into reality with stereo haptic […]

Oculus Rift VS HTC Vive

Which is better, the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? This seems to be the question that many VR owners are asking about when it comes to the best vr wearable headsets. The two parent companies, Oculus and HTC are battling it out to see who reigns in as the champion. Both of the companies have […]

GTA 5 in VR

Watch this clip of a modded GTA 5 being played in VR. Many people have become interested in the virtual reality platform and are creating interesting ideas such as modding the famous Grand Theft Auto game. This game in particular is being played on HTC Vive and shows the movement and calibration of the weapon. […]