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Things You Never Knew About Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5, the new AAA title game from Ubisoft is an action-adventure first shooter game that places you in the shoes of a deputy sheriff. The game takes place in Hope County, Montana where you must take down an evil cult and its followers called the “peggies.” You will be trying to arrest their […]

Ubisoft And Renault Partner Up To Allow Drivers To Experience VR Inside Autonomous Cars

You’d think that using VR while driving would be a dangerous combination but Ubisoft and Renault don’t think so. Recently, the two companies announced a joint venture which will allow drivers to experience VR while the autonomous car drives itself. Ubisoft has revealed a virtual reality experience designed specifically for Renault’s autonomous vehicles. Ubisoft describes […]

Best VR Games You Should Play This July 4th

Happy Independence Day everyone! To celebrate this joyous occasion we’re releasing our secret list of VR games that we’ll be playing today. Here are the top nominees that’s made our “July 4th Independence Day VR Games” list. Front Defense VR What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to take down some enemies with heavy artillery. […]