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Snapchat AR Lenses Brings Ads To Life

Snapchat has been exploring the world of augmented reality for quite some time now releasing various features that allows us to mask the real world with digital overlays. We’ve seen features such as the 3D hot dog that added for some pleasurable fun and experiences. Now, we’re going to slowly see advertisers use the same […]

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Facebook’s New AR Filters

One day after Snapchat’s announcements about their new updated products and AR filters, Mark Zuckerberg announced their very own AR filters for Instagram. “New face filters on Instagram today!” Zuckerberg announced. “This one’s my favorite so far. These kinds of effects are how we’ll experience augmented reality for the first time. This is just the beginning.” […]

Confirmed: Snapchat is releasing video recording sunglasses under the name Spectacles

There’s been a recent story of Snapchat releasing video recording sunglasses under the name Spectacles and it has now been confirmed. Snapchat will also be re-naming their company to Snap Inc. The video recording sunglasses, Spectacles, will be launching this fall in limited amounts at $130. The sunglasses will come in one size with black, teal, or […]