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Linden Labs Launches Open Beta For Sansar

Linden Labs, the creators behind Second Life has just announced the launch of their Open Beta for Sansar. Using VR technology, Linden Labs aims to help users create a virtual world built by imagination. The company has been hard at work in developing Sansar where they’ve applied 14 years of knowledge into the new virtual world. […]

Limitless VR Releases A Unique VR Interactive Animated Experience Called ‘Reaping Rewards’

Today, Limitless VR has released the first ever VR animated interactive short-film prototyped and animated within a VR environment called Reaping Rewards on Steam. Using the Limitless VR Creative Environment and intuitive VR motion controllers, users will be able to create their own unique scenes within the story. “Reaping Rewards” takes the VR viewer through a […]

Linden Lab Looks To Open A Beta To Sansar In 2017

Sansar is an upcoming project by Linden Lab where people will have the freedom to an open virtual world with limitless possibilities. Think  of it as a blank 3D canvas where we’ll have access to Lego like pieces to build the virtual world of your dreams. I guess it’s somewhat similar to Minecraft but just on a […]